Crawfish Links

Here is a listing of the products and vendors mentioned in Crawfish Tales.

     Jane is the official photographer of Baby Crawfish! I love her work and she is a treat to work 

      Picky Sticky offers stickers that go on onsies, one for each month until Baby Crawfish is one. 
     This is such a great way to document growth.

      The BEST pacifier clips. The ones sold in stores are just too long. These are made by a 
      mom who knows!

       Baby Crawfish's baby book. This is perfect for NOLA babies as a guide for getting to know 
      their city. They do offer other cities as well.

Burpies for Babies
     Help a couple from Shreveport, Louisiana become parents for just $10. They are selling 
     handmade and very cute burp cloths to raise money for their adoption.

Name Bubbles
     To help you keep track of your child's stuff get these dishwasher and laundry proof name 
     stickers. It looks much better than Sharpie all over Baby Crawfish's things.