Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bittersweet Vacation

Bittersweet is the only way to describe the past weekend. My husband and I took our first vacation without Baby Crawfish to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.

When I booked the trip to the Marriott Grand Hotel, I had envisioned sleeping late, room service and lounging by the pool with Customer Service by Peter Shankman accompanied by a drink with an umbrella in it. It was the perfect not too close to home but not far enough from Baby Crawfish location.

While I did get the drink with the umbrella and I did read the book, which was great by the way, I did not get the rest of the vision.

It started off by the fact that it took me two days to just pack her! I was so afraid to forget something that she would need that it was an exhausting process. The morning that we left for the trip, hubby and I threw our bags together and ran out of the door. While Baby Crawfish had perfectly matched outfits for her weekend, mommy on the other hand did not. We are talking navy yacht club logo flip flops with a black dress to dinner, oh well.

For the three hour or so ride from New Orleans to Point Clear the topic of conversation was nothing but Baby Crawfish. I am really not sure what we talked about before she was born.

The Grand Hotel is absolutely beautiful, (review of the hotel to come in a later post this week) and just what we needed.

I learned, what many parents before me have learned, you are now trained to be on your child’s schedule. At 6:30AM when hubby and I were wide awake wishing we were still sleeping I knew my vision of sleeping through breakfast was shot. I camped out in the bed and refused to get out before 9AM, strictly on principle.

By the time the last day rolled around I hoped out of the bed at 6:30AM threw the bags together, just as I did when we were packing them in the first place, and convinced hubby that it was time to go home. I just needed to get home to my Baby Crawfish.

Over all the trip was wonderful, hubby and I really enjoyed all the resort had to offer and the uninterrupted conversation. This weekend has shed a light on a new perspective to vacation. You can take the mommy out of the city but you can’t take the mommy out of the girl!

To make it worse, when we got back Baby Crawfish had gotten two teeth in our absence! My first words were, “We are never leaving again.”

Lesson: It is good to get away and be a couple and it is VERY ok to miss your baby terribly!

I will miss her just as much on our next parents’ only vacation! 

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