Friday, June 3, 2011

The Magic Ball

So Vtech invented the Move and Crawl Ball or as it is known in my circle of moms, The Magic Ball. They are doing a terrible job of marketing it so I wanted to throw them a bone.

The Magic Ball has taught many babies, including Baby Crawfish, how to sit up within days of purchasing. I know it sounds crazy. If your child is around the time where they should be learning how to sit up or are trying and just have not gotten it yet…get the Magic Ball.

The Magic Ball is the perfect height to get them that little bit of steadiness and confidence that the child needs to figure out how the sitting up thing works. Once they get the idea, they are good to go.

The ball also rolls around by itself so now that Baby Crawfish crawls, it moves around and she chases it giggling away. There is something about it rolling by itself that she finds hysterical and fascinating.

For just $14.99 at Babies R Us, you can get a Magic Ball that sings, counts, makes animal noises, teaches shapes, rolls, lights up and has taggies. The packaging says promotes sitting, but I have been amazed at the results.

I make a motion to change the name of the Move and Crawl Ball to the Magic Ball. Any one second?

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