Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Job Well Done- Marketing Sophie The Giraffe

If you are a mom to a drooling baby who appears to be getting teeth but there are no factual signs of teeth, then you know everything goes in the mouth. Finding the perfect chew toy that can occupy their hands and mouth at the same time and not be your hair, cell phone, car quite the challenge.

Baby Crawfish was given Sophie the Giraffe as a baby shower present. At the time that I received her she was just a cute little chew toy that a few mothers recommended to me, I did not know the power or controversy that she possesses.

Baby Crawfish is in LOVE with Sophie. I don't know what makes her magical but she is and it works I am not asking any questions. I am going with it and always have Sophie on hand at all times like I she has trained me to do. The controversy comes in is that Sophie is $25. People, including my mother, gawk at how expensive that is for a chew toy and that it looks like a dog should play with it. Let me share my view... I don't care!! Sophie's magical powers allow Baby Crawfish to be quiet and well behaved just about anywhere we go. If those magical powers cost $25, do you take debit?

Through fantastic celebrity endorsed product placement, Sophie has become a status toy. Parents who don't have her want her for their child because not only does their favorite celebrity baby with a food name have her, but the baby two cribs over at nursery does. This is the start of the child's need for the most popular toy and the cool tennis shoes. Bravo to Sophie's marketing team. Your product placement has led to Sophie being the number one baby toy for 30 years!

The LA Times did a fantastic article on the powers of Sophie,,0,2251259.story.

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