Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Time For Everything

Since I first found out I was pregnant it has been a snowball of firsts. First time hearing the heartbeat, first ultrasound and first birth and now we are on to Baby Crawfish’s first tooth, first crawl and first time pulling up in her crib. This past weekend was my first Mother’s Day.

Of course Hubby did a wonderful job making it special but for me it was a strange day filled with emotion. There has always been the marketing push of get your mom flowers or card for Mother’s Day and honestly I have never thought twice about it. I always got my mom a present and showed up for the family function.

Now that I am a mom it was a day that really made me think about my responsibility as a parent. My mother-in-law gave be the Jose Balli Mother's Heart Hollow Pendant to commemorate my first Mother’s Day. The pendent is covered with images representing the roles that a mother plays.  A safety pin as a caregiver, chef's hat as a cook, taxi as a chauffeur, band-aid as a nurse, apple as a teacher, and a mop as a housekeeper. The back of the charm "Thanks Mom for everything". It was amazing how this one little charm summarized my emotions.

Mother’s Day highlighted for me the role that I have in Baby Crawfish’s life and that I accepted, with enthusiasm, such an important job.

There are so many things about my mom that I remember from my childhood and so many things that I want Baby Crawfish to have, do, see, experience, and learn. It is a huge responsibility to be able to shape someone’s life the way a mother can. It stopped me dead in my tracks. Of course I knew this but for some reason Mother’s Day made that connection for me on a deeper level.

I always thought Mother’s Day was about thanking mom for everything she did for me. But on my first Mother’s Day, I found myself reflecting on how important it is to be a mom. It is a job that I am proud to have and even though some days are more challenging than others, it is a job I will never give up on.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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